Switching Stereotypes One Thought at a Time (doinee) wrote in pinoytv,
Switching Stereotypes One Thought at a Time

Late Night ABS

Watched ABS's new youth-oriented debate show, Y Speak and I enjoyed it -- even though I was able to watch a mere three segments (or so) of it. It even made me a Hero Angeles, Arnel Ignacio and Tuesday Vargas (whee! proud of you orgmate, even if I doubt you know of my existence!) fan.

The topic was Ma, Mag-aaral ako o Ma, Mag-aartista ako. Highly riveting. If I could (that is if our TV set were some sort of teleportation device thingiemebob, and a time travel machine seeing that it was taped no thanks to the very obvious editing), I would've jumped right in and joined the fun. I found myself saying, "Oh shut up, Mystica, you're not making sense" more than a dozen times over. Aiza Marquez also kind of turned me off.


That before Special Assignment's kadiri segment about that guy who eats the freshly coagulated blood of the relatives he has managed to kill. He has killed two, the first one his cousin, the latest, his son/daughter. I'm not usually queasy but the segment almost made me throw up.
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