Switching Stereotypes One Thought at a Time (doinee) wrote in pinoytv,
Switching Stereotypes One Thought at a Time

The End

Why's everybody talking about the Basta't Kasama Kita series ender? Was it good? I heard it was live.

Oh, and thank god GMA's putting an end to the *expletive deleted* that is Te Amo. Which might be a sign that Iza Calzado might get the part of Darna. Ugh. Sana si Rochelle na lang. I don't like Rochelle, I just hate Iza. :P

And can anyone tell me about that whole Star in a Million crossover spinoff(?!?!?!?) thingie sa Sarah the Teen Princess?

Hoo Yeah! Kami and Karli got booted off sa Amazing Race. Belat to you, you anorexic twins!
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