Switching Stereotypes One Thought at a Time (doinee) wrote in pinoytv,
Switching Stereotypes One Thought at a Time

JackTV and then some

Is anybody else here semi-addicted to JackTV? Does anybody know when they air The Joe Schmoe Show? Lagi lang kasi akong nakakachamba eh and I know the show's nearing its end.

Oh, and does anybody know the title of that movie The Lifestyle Network has been airing? It's french ata and it has something to do with an old man stranded with a guy with nothing but a loincloth on. I need to do some, uhh, research about said movie....

Oh, and yeah, jologs 'to, pero a friend of mine told me na Jennylyn Mercado daw has her own MMS scandal na rin daw? My god, when will these starlets learn na walang mabuting maidudulot ang pag take ng risque MMS videos? Geez.
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